Guide to moving to Manama on a budget

If you are thinking about moving to Manama – we can help you with that! The capital city of Bahrain is very diverse and it can offer a lot of different opportunities. If you are moving for work, or you are moving to simply enjoy and start over – Manama is a great choice. But, as we all know – relocation is not a simple process. And it is not cheap. Especially when you are moving to another country, maybe even a continent. So, we will help you to reduce your cost of moving, and we will guide you through relocation.

Do you need a moving company?

This is the first and most important question. A lot of people are not sure what is the right call, and will they save money by hiring a moving company. The question that a lot of people are asking is – if they hire one of the best movers in Bahrain – will they save money? On the other hand – will they save money on relocation to Manama by doing everything by themselves?
When we look at the facts – moving companies can be expensive. But, when you consider all the things you need to do on your own – it is much safer to hire a moving company. Expenses from possible damages and all the complicated processes – it is much easier to let professionals handle this. 

FAQ about moving to Manama
One of the most frequent asked questions is the one about hiring a moving company

Start planning on time when moving to Manama

So, after you have found international movers Bahrain – you need to start planning everything on time! We often underestimate how much time do we have until the moving day. It is easy to get lost in all the things you need to prepare and get done. If you do not start planning every detail on time – you might end up paying more money. With a good planning list, you can save a lot of money. You will see all of the tasks in front of you and you will start doing one by one!

Decluttering is the key

When it comes to the price of the relocation – it is simple. The more things you have – the price will be higher. When you decide to start packing your household for the relocation – start decluttering. You should create 3 piles. One should be the things you are relocating with you. The second one should contain things that you can donate and the third should be a pile of things that you will throw away. Optionally you can have the fourth pile and that is the pile for storage. But keep in mind that the storage unit will just cost you more money.

When moving to Manama you can save money on the packing materials

Although you probably know this – you can save a lot of money on packing materials. Especially on moving boxes. There are a lot of different places where you can find free moving boxes. Packing materials can be expensive, and your relocation to Manama can be much cheaper if you find them for free.
Usually, offices are a great place to find free moving boxes. You can check at your workplace or ask your friends to save you some. Of course, you can use the power of social media and ask there does anyone have boxes they do not need.

labeled moving boxes
You can save a lot of money on moving boxes

Also, one of the options is to check online on various websites. People are often offering moving boxes since they know how expensive they can be. Of course, pay attention to what condition moving boxes are. If they are damaged they won’t help you. If you place your belongings into a damaged box you are risking damage to your belongings. So before you use any of the boxes you found – make sure that they are in good condition and that they can survive relocation.

When relocating to Manama – choose the date wisely

If you are following our first advice and you started planning your relocation on time – you should choose your moving date wisely. People usually schedule their relocations in summer or maybe late spring to avoid any possible bad weather conditions. You will agree it is not very easy to relocate when it is rainy or cold. And naturally- relocation in that period is more expensive.

calendar with a date for moving to Manama
Choose your moving date wisely!

But if you choose to move outside the moving season – you will pay much less money. Simply said, moving companies don’t have a lot of work during those months – so you can negotiate your price. And we can assure you – you will get a much better deal. If you are relocating for work and you can choose a date – choose wisely! Your relocation to Manama on a budget can be very easy!

Do the packing yourself

If you are moving to Manama-  one of the best ways to save money is to pack all of your belongings by yourself. We agree, there are a lot of benefits of hiring professional packers. But also – with a little bit of creativity and smart planning – you can do it on your own. You need to start with the decluttering process that will save you space and money. Also, you need to start packing at least a month before the relocation.

If you start packing on time – everything will be very well organized for your relocation to Manama. When the moving company arrives- all of your boxes will be labeled and ready to go. That way, a moving company will finish the relocation faster and you will be able to settle in in your new home sooner.

Moving to Manama can be fun

Manama is a great city that can offer you a lot. We know that moving is stressful, but trust us – once you arrive in Manama and see your new home – you will fall in love. Manama is a diverse place with a lot of different, yet interesting and charming places. While you are preparing for the relocation – you can learn a lot of new things about Manama. What are the most affordable grocery shops, where you can get a good haircut… That will help you to settle in Manama and enjoy your new home from day one!

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