Guide to packing your home for relocation

Moving is a complicated process. One of the things that makes it so difficult and frustrating is packing your home for relocation. Luckily, there is a way to relieve you from that task. And that is by hiring packing services, of course. But even though hiring relocation companies in Bahrain is the most convenient way to move, there are alternative options to consider. If you are planning to pack on your own, read this helpful article and learn how to do it properly. 

Start packing your home for relocation on time

As mentioned above, hiring packing companies Bahrain is the most convenient way to move. But not only that it is convenient, but your packers pack your belongings better than you could. However, some people feel a little bit uncomfortable to see strangers go through their stuff. Or, they think that hiring a packing crew is an unnecessary waste of money. 

Whatever your reason for packing alone is, make sure that you understand your capabilities well. And try to estimate the time that you will need to pack. You don’t want your movers in Bahrain to arrive to pick up your boxes just to find you halfway packed. If you are not sure how much time you will need, start packing a few days earlier. Several days is enough time to pack home of any size in all circumstances.

Before packing your home for relocation prepare a plan

Of course, you shouldn’t start with anything related to your move before you create a plan. There are so many things that you need to do during a move and it is easy to forget something in such complicated situations. Especially for someone who is moving for the first time. That is why preparing a plan is your first assignment. If you are not sure what you should be doing and when search the internet and learn a bit about how relocations are handled and organized. It will help you to understand the process and create your moving plan. 

Get rid of your excess items

Now that you created a good moving plan, you need to think about your items. Specifically, you need to determine which items you are going to pack and pinpoint items you are going to get rid of before packing. This is a very important part of the packing process. And you cannot start wrapping your items before you know what is going with you. 

Start with smaller items. Identify items that you are not using regularly and put them on a pile. Of course, removing smaller unnecessary items is good. But you really want to remove some larger furniture pieces. That will be very beneficial for your packing process as well as your budget. If you have enough time you can organize a yard sale, or try to sell your items online. If not, you can always donate or let your friends take something that you are planning to chuck away.

Before you start packing your home for relocation create a moving inventory list

After you removed all excessive items, you will finally get a clear picture of the job that is waiting for you. First thing is to make a moving inventory list. You need to have it during a move, and now is the perfect time to assemble it. It will be of much help when you start asking moving companies to give you their moving estimates Bahrain. And it will help you keep track of your items.

Pencil with paper pad
Moving list is helpful with every part of the process, simply cross off finished tasks.

Prepare packing materials

Now you can finally start thinking about the actual packing. If you want to start packing now, you will probably notice very soon that you need some packing materials to pack your items properly. Those garbage bags and few cardboard boxes that you have at your pantry are not going to be enough. You will need dozens of boxes, different wraps, duck tapes and more. But how to know how much and what packing supplies to prepare? Luckily few helpful online moving box calculators could tell you how much and what materials to prepare. 

The list of most used packing materials

  • Cardboard boxes are the most important thing to prepare when packing your home for relocation. They come in different sizes and shapes, so make sure that you get them all. 
boxes on a pallet
Always place lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes.
  • Plastic moving containers with lids can be very useful if you have some sensitive equipment or fragile items to protect during a move
  • Bubble plastic sheeting is something that everyone likes to play with. But, its primary use is to protect items from damage during transportation. 
  • Stretch wrap is something that could be very helpful during your packing. You can easily wrap large furniture pieces, or protect your boxes from the rain. Plastic trash bags will be very useful for protecting clothes or your bedding from dirt and dust.
  • Packing peanuts will be useful if you have some sensitive and oddly shaped items to protect during a move. Musical instruments or some type of sensitive equipment. 
  • Permanent markers and sticker labels to properly label your boxes.

Packing your home for a relocation

Now that you have prepared everything it is time to start packing. First, you need to establish some particular order in which you will pack your items. The best way is to go room by room. 

Start with smaller items and move on to the bigger ones. Make sure that you don’t overweight your boxes. Put heavier items in smaller boxes, and lighter in larger ones. If you suspect that you overweighed a box, you can remove a few items, or you can secure it additionally with packing tape.  

 Pack fragile items separately. And make sure that you fill those boxes to the top. If you have any voids left in a box with fragile items, fill them with rolls of bubble plastic or wrapping paper. The important part is to prevent your items from moving while they are in the box. 

 When you are packing your furniture, try to disassemble everything that you can. That way you can maneuver them more easily. And you will be able to pack wrap every piece separately

hands assembling furniture
You can tape smaller pieces of furniture to large ones, so you don’t lose them.

It is easy if you follow this guide

As you can see, packing on your own can be rather complicated. But, if you follow this helpful guide to packing your home for relocation, you should have no problems. If you think that this is too much for you, remember that you can always hire a packing service to help you with this task.

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