Guide For Packing Family Heirlooms For International Shipping

Family heritage is priceless. Its value is not just material, but sentimental too. Items passed down from ancestors have a direct link to family history. This is what makes them unique and precious. For this reason, shipping them overseas could appear to you as an uneasy task. Luckily, there is a solution. Our specialists at moving companies Bahrain are trusted assets for handling, packing, and shipping valuables. They understand your needs, and moreover, your concerns over your family treasure. To make it easy for you, we’ve prepared this guide. It will help you choose the right way for packing family heirlooms for international shipping, and move them safely to your new home.

Furniture - packing family heirlooms for international shipping
When packing family heirlooms for international shipping, it’s best to take professional assistance

What to consider when Packing Family Heirlooms For International Shipping?

Packing your ancestral inheritance for international shipping is a challenge. These are delicate, unique items that require special care. The best way possible to consider for the packing and transfer of your family treasures is to use specialized fine art moving services, to ensure their optimal safety. Entrust them in the hands of professionals. Like so, you can be sure to receive your valuables in their best condition. Further, we will mention few things to consider when packing family heirlooms for international shipping:

  • Age of the heirloom
  • Wrapping precautions
  • Packaging precautions

We know that moving is complex. These items can be easily damaged, in case they aren’t handled with proper care. Thus, give it a thought in advance and think thoroughly about how are you going to pack and ship them, when the time comes. Without further ado, let’s review the details of packing heirlooms for international shipping.

Age Of Your Heirloom

When packing family heirlooms for international shipping, consider their age. This is an important factor that can determine the right way to pack and later ship them. Some items are especially delicate and frail. They may have requirements in regards to weather conditions or even temperature. Look at a climate controlled storage Bahrain to provide your valuables with the needed protection. This is especially beneficial for your wooden furniture or old books. The older your heirloom, the more diligent you have to be with finding the right way to handle it. Hence, use the helping hand of trusted professionals. They have the know-how to prepare your valuables in the safest way. Instead of stressing out and worry about potential damages to your gentle belongings, opt for their smooth handling. Packing family heirlooms for international shipping can be done safely with the right help.

Wooden shelf with books
Your books and wooden furniture need special conditions to prevent them from damages

Packing Your Family Heirlooms For International Shipping -Wrapping Precautions

The value of some items is in their perfect condition. In other words, they must be pristine, with not even the slightest scratch or bruise on the surface. So, when packing them, you must ensure your valuable items are properly wrapped and protected from damages. Top-quality packing companies in Bahrain offer you a variety of services in this regard. From fully packing your family treasures to supplying you with the correct wrapping materials. Make good use of these offers, and consult with the pros, to decide what is best for your items. It’s good to know that smaller items benefit from bubble wrap, while foam peanuts are great for the protection of larger objects. Your mover can supply you with high-quality wrapping materials, in addition to a full service of packing heirlooms for international shipping.


Packing Your Family Heirlooms For International Shipping – Packing Precautions

Packing your family heirlooms for international shipping requires careful assessment of their condition. Rather than doing it yourself, at least consult with specialists. You can never be too careful with moving your family heirlooms. These are special items, and once they’re lost or damaged, nothing can be done. Hence, do your best to ensure maximum protection and safe transfer of your valuables, even if this means you need to invest a bit more. Pay attention to the quality of packing materials, and invest in them. When packing delicate items, professionals use special boxes or wood crates. The firm edges and sturdiness of the package will ensure your valuables are well protected during transfer. The very least you can do is to purchase high quality wrapping and packing supplies. So as to ensure the safety of your items when packing family heritage for international shipping.

Fragile sign on crate
Handle your family heritage items with extra care

Practical Step-by-Step Guide for Packing Family Heirlooms

So far, we’ve made a point that the best way possible to go about packing family heirlooms for international shipping is, to hire the right help. Just in case you’ve decided to do it on your own, here is a practical step-by-step guide, to help you with the task:

  • First, stock up on bubble wrap, cushioning materials, adhesive tapes, and boxes.
  • If possible, dismantle the item. Further, wrap each piece separately in few layers of bubble wrap, and secure it with tape.
  • In a smaller box, and put a layer of cushioning material first. Then, place your items into the box, and fill in the empty space with more cushioning wrap. Make sure that the items aren’t able to move around, by shaking the box gently, and then seal it with the tape.
  • Wrap the outside of the smaller box with foam sheets and bubble wrap. Make sure you pad the edges and flaps, for extra protection.
  • Once you prepare the smaller box, have a larger box ready. Layer it with soft cushioning, and place the smaller box inside. Close and wrap the larger box in the same way you did with the smaller one.

This is a fairly simple way to handle smaller items. You need packing materials at hand and some spare time to do the task. But, if you have large pieces of furniture that can’t be dismantled, it’s best to go for professional assistance. When packing ancestral heritage for international shipping, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Hence, hiring professional help for this delicate task is your best choice.

Finally, if you follow our advice above, you will ensure the safe and efficient packing of your family heirlooms for international shipping. Good luck!

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