Finding a job after moving to Bahrain: tips and tricks

As an ex-pat in Bahrain, you will be living in one of the premier commerce centers in the Middle East. If you’re thinking about giving your career a boost by working in Bahrain, Four Winds Bahrain experts will help you! When it comes to finding a job after moving to Bahrain, you will have to forget its oil industry. Recently, the falling oil prices have made Bahrain change focus. They are now investing more in the service and tourism sectors. However, they have also been taking steps to limit the number of ex-pats in an attempt to hinder local youth unemployment. But more on this below.

Taxes and some money
No personal income or capital gains tax means a lot of immigrants consider Bahrain is a financial sanctuary.

Bahrain has a successful history of doing business

For a long time, Bahrain’s profits depended solely on oil. While the hydro carbonic activity is still its leading economic asset, The Kingdom has been pushing towards reducing dependency. Furthermore, decreasing oil reserves have forced a shift in the country’s strategies. Instead of refineries, the emphasis is now on the construction and ship-repairing businesses. Along with these major employers, there are countless companies, just like removal companies Bahrain, offering business and professional services in Bahrain. Especially in Manama. A rise in regional and international tourism will help you in your quest for finding a job after moving to Bahrain.

Busting myths on finding a job after moving to Bahrain

Bahrain nestles many multinational corporations in the Gulf Region, which account for more than 10% of job opportunities nationwide. However, foreigners looking for employment in The Kingdom will likely have to face various challenges in order to settle down abroad. Now, more than ever before. Apart from social turmoil, authorities are trying to reduce high local unemployment rates

To achieve this, the government has introduced measures to cut down on their ex-pat numbers. Only if you can overcome this, will you be needing long term storage in Bahrain. The authorities went as far as cutting water, fuel, and electricity exclusively for the immigrant community. All to curb and offset tumbling oil prices.

With these restraints in mind, industries most attractive for finding a job after moving to Bahrain include:

  • Business services
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure
  • Education & skills
  • Manufacturing
Taxes and some money for finding a job after moving to Bahrain
However, low oil profits are putting straining The Kingdom’s budgets and may introduce an ex-pat tax.

Finding a job after moving to Bahrain on a work visa

You won’t be getting a job after moving to Bahrain without a valid work visa. Moreover, your employer has to give you confirmation about your new engagement to get a work visa. A vicious circle isn’t it? Also, one that it’s almost impossible to escape from. However, you can visit on a tourist visa and explore your options.

Or you can get recruited outside the country. Try connecting with a headhunter or an agency. After that, the only thing you will have to do is contact us and we will relocate you to your new destination. Have a smooth, premium relocation and a nice life after moving to The Kingdom!

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