Exotic pets export regulations

Exporting exotic pets is not an easy task. You have to deal with lots of export paperwork, permits, veterinary documents, finding transportation solutions, preparing the animal for transportation, and so on. Luckily, there are ways to simplify this task. So, if you are moving and you want to take your lizard with you, or you are planning to make this a business, you will have to learn about exotic pets export regulations before you begin.

You will have to learn a lot about exotic pets export regulations before you begin this process

If you are moving and you have an exotic animal, you will have to learn Bahrain laws and regulations as well as laws and regulations of the country you are moving to. If your business is to export pets, you will have a much harder task. You will have to learn regulations from many different countries. On the other hand, you can hire customs clearing agents in Bahrain to deal with regulations for you. Even though their services cost money, they will prove to be very helpful. If you want to avoid paying for such a service be ready to do a lot of research and learning.

Man looking at laptop
You will have to learn a lot about exotic pets export regulations

Decide how you will transport your exotic pets. Learn about different options and requirements

If you will be moving with your own pet, you need to think about a carrier. There are different rules about different species on how they should be held during transportation. Of course, it also depends on the type of cargo transport services Bahrain you will be using. As there are so many different regulations on how to contain certain animals during a move you will have to do a lot of research before you choose how to export your exotic animal. You need to compare costs for different types of transportation. Consider your animal’s needs and comfort. And learn regulations regarding your animal’s carrier. When you decide how you will transport your animal, get a suitable carrier as soon as you can.

Get a suitable carrier for your pet as soon as possible

All chances are that you will research this many months before the move. When you determine how your pet will be transported, get the pet carrier. No matter what species is the animal, give it time to slowly adapt and make this new carrier it’s home. If you give your animal to get accustomed to the new carrier, it will have a much easier time when the stressful transportation begins.

Cat in a carrier
Get the carrier as soon as possible and give your animal time to get accustomed to it

Be prepared to deal with lots of paperwork if you are exporting exotic pets

When you are exporting exotic pets there will be a lot of paperwork. Of course, they depend on Bahrain’s laws and the laws of the country in which you are moving. The first thing you need to know is that you will have to invest a lot of effort into finishing this ordeal on your own. Also, you could have problems with finding exact information regarding pet import/export. You should get to know how to:

  • Deal with exotic pets export regulations the best and the fastest way
  • How to find a perfect company for this task

The best way to deal with immense paperwork is to hire experienced freight forwarding company in Bahrain

Customs regulations change often. A government changes something that starts immediately, but months pass before they publish it online. Probably by the time they publish one information it is already become superseded too. This means that sometimes you cannot do this without someone’s help.  Luckily, freight forwarders in Bahrain are well informed. They could give you some good advice regarding your exotic pet’s export. Or you can hire them to organize everything for you.

How to find a perfect freight forwarding company

However, when you are looking to hire a freight forwarding company, make sure that you are hiring a company with experience. As export/import laws and regulations are strict but change often it is crucial to have an experienced freight forwarder who will know what to do in those crucial situations.

Exotic pets export regulations and veterinary requirements

When you are dealing with exotic pet export, you need to be ready to gather serious veterinary paperwork. Of course, rules are different for different species of animals. And they depend on the country. However, you will probably have to microchip your animal, get blood samples, do some vaccination, get veterinary certificates and more.

Start gathering veterinary paperwork as soon as you can so you can deal with the exotic pets export regulations

As this process can last for months, it is important to start dealing with it as soon as possible. Only make sure that you have an accurate list of requirements. Also, you should be aware that gathering veterinary paperwork is not cheap at all. Make sure that you understand all the costs before you begin.

Vaccine and bottles of medicine
There are a lot of veterinary requirements because of these exotic pets export regulations

Get a passport for your exotic pet. It is one of the exotic pets export regulations

When you are exporting an animal it also has to have a passport to travel. Add this to your list of expenses. Also do not forget to deal with it on time. If you manage to find an import export company that has experience with exporting exotic animals, this process could become much easier. This process can sometimes last for weeks. 

Make sure that you prepare well for transporting your exotic animal

If you will be transporting your pet with your own vehicle make sure that you learn all about that species. How it will behave under stress? What are their food and water requirements? Do they need special conditions while traveling? And so on. If you want to successfully transport your exotic pet you need to make sure that all its requirements are fulfilled.

There are many different exotic pets export regulations

There are many different exotic pets export regulations that you must meet in order to move your animal to another country. However, everything is easier if you hire professional help.

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