Essential Documents For Importing Pharmaceuticals To Bahrain

There is a list of documents for importing pharmaceuticals to Bahrain. Since there are prohibited pharmaceuticals that moving companies Bahrain will warn you, you should inform yourself. Like for any other country, you should prepare for this shipping on time and following official guidance.

For most companies, pharmaceuticals are high on the list of prohibited items. In most cases, you should prepare for rejecting and forbiddance. Not every country will allow you to transport some types of medications. It mostly works for pain killers, even if you have a prescription. The government worries about the drug abuse and black market of medicals, so you will not be able to transport them easily.

It is important to learn which medications you cannot take with you in Bahrain

Standard information about documents for importing pharmaceuticals to Bahrain

Before traveling to another country, you should inform yourself properly. There are a lot of countries that have strict rules about the importing of the food or liquid. Medications are on the list of the items that are forbidden. For most people, it is always good to have a plan before start with packing. You will avoid all problems on the board.

  • There is a list of prohibited drugs that you should be prepared for – it is worthless to prepare documents for importing pharmaceuticals to Bahrain if those drugs are not allowed in this country at all;
  • You should prepare all allowances for Bahrain customs clearance – those include permissions to take even the forbidden drugs with you if you have reason to take them;
  • Prepare for different types of documents that you may need – maybe you will be forced to have a drug content for medications that you take with you;
  • Do not forget that many drugs you cannot transport in a suitcase – maybe you will need to have special packages or boxes;
  • For most people, medications save lives – you should organize transportation on how you do not lose a day after arriving for having new drugs for your medical issue.

Insurance policy

It is usually not easy to organize the transporting of sensitive or forbidden items. You maybe need to have special permissions or allowances for it. However, companies that contain import & export know that they have to prepare all on time and following the regulations.

Bank guaranty

It is hard to transport large amounts of any goods without proof that you have money to cover all possible losses. Every customs clearance will start from those documents. There are many reasons for that, but most of them are connected with problems in paying. However, choosing proper shipping services could help you to avoid problems that may occur.

Packing list

You cannot organize transportation without the inventory or packing list. However, you must prepare that list as an official document for importing pharmaceuticals to Bahrain. It is also essential if you need to organize cold chain pharmaceuticals logistics. In that way, they will easily control your items and packages.

Before collecting documents for importing pharmaceuticals to Bahrain, inform about prohibited drugs

There is a list of the medicals that you will not take with you, even if you have a doctor’s prescription. Most of them are pain killers and drugs for depression. Since those medications drug addicts could use, they do not allow taking any pill more than they have in official stockrooms. The only way is to get a new prescription from the doctor in Bahrain. It would help if you inform your doctor on time and contact the doctor in Bahrain for an appointment as soon as you get there.


No country in the world will allow you to import narcotics even if you need them for your medical issue. There are a lot of reasons for that strict law, but it is not essential for you. The most important that you should know is that you will need to contact a new doctor in Bahrain. He will take prescript new medications after arriving.

Pills in blister
There are medications that you will not be able to import to Bahrain


For the same reasons, you cannot take antidepressants with you when moving to Bahrain. Luckily, Bahrain’s health system works excellent, so you can find a new doctor and start with new therapy as you arrive there. Thanks to the international medical organizations, you can even contact them before moving.

Pain killers

Since most of them belong to the list of narcotics, countries, do not allow taking them over the border. However, you should prepare and look at Bahrain customs and prohibited goods that are on their list. You will see that medications like pain killers are not allowed.

Documents for importing pharmaceuticals to Bahrain include information about medications

Among other things, you should have information about the medications that you have planned to transport with you when you move to Bahrain. It includes the content of drugs or permits that you can transport those drugs. However, you should prepare to collect additional documents if people at the customs clearance ask for them.


You will need proof that you use medications regularly. However, even if you have prescriptions, maybe customs clearance will not allow you to take them. To avoid possible problems at the board, prepare medicines and doctor’s opinions about your medical stage. Maybe you will not take medications with you, but you should avoid possible problems with the police.

Approval of official organs

There is a way to transport medications over the board if they have official documents. One of them is the approval of officials. It is not easy to provide them, but usually, your doctor could help you. These approvals also use companies that cooperate with laboratories that take experiments or make new drugs. However, for most people, it is essential to have all allowances and licenses.

You should prepare drug content for customs clearance if import medications in Bahrain

Drug content

Even if you have a generic medicine, you should have a drug content with you when you take medication. Among other documents for importing pharmaceuticals to Bahrain, this should show that you have prepared for this job. Also, people at customs clearance should know that the drug you have with you is not on forbidden items.

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