Digital air cargo – a technological revolution

Air cargo delivery is an amazing solution for international and domestic shipping. Although, the only problem is that it is still limited and lacks resources. It would work much better if the air cargo industry has better equipment, new systems, and faster information sharing. Luckily, we are already there! Better technologies are introduced each day and with the new digital air cargo ecosystem, everyone can order, ship, and receive orders with a single click online. But let us explain more thoroughly how everything works.

How does digital air cargo work?

The digital air cargo industry is growing by the day. Most of the competitive companies already updated their systems and are using the latest technologies available. This kind of approach will keep them competitive, able to provide amazing prices and to ship the premium product within the scheduled time. The most important part is for the customer to receive the order on time. It is working like a charm thanks to the whole supply chain established for this occasion. There are companies, partners, 3rd party vendors, warehouses, and shippers involved in the whole process. Such a huge ecosystem requires great oversight, the latest technologies, and a great working force. A great example is if you are moving and want to enlist movers in Bahrain.

A person using the phone
You can have your shipment scheduled online in just a matter of seconds.

You can obtain estimates, schedule a moving company, shipping company, and have your cargo picked up. And you can do it all online with just a few clicks. Then, one of the offshore shipping companies in Bahrain will handle the shipping logistics and ensure your cargo arrives without damages and on time. By using the latest technologies, methods, and safety protocols, digital air cargo became a preferred way to ship packages around the world.

The benefits of using digital air cargo

Now, let us explain why is this beneficial for you. More importantly, for everyone involved in this huge shipping network. Yes, you maybe do not want to know what is happening on the other side as long as you receive your order on time. But you will be glad to know that this kind of network and a thriving ecosystem is creating millions of jobs worldwide. People from all industries are involved in digital air cargo orders and shipments.

Simply by using cargo services in Bahrain you are contributing and this method of shipping will live on and thrive in years to come. You as a customer will receive a premium service while the industry grows and provides even better service.

The shipping options available to you

No matter what kind of cargo you are shipping, it will be there on time and it will arrive safely. Also, the whole process will be time-efficient and fairly cheap for the user. And that user is you! If you want to ship a single parcel or a whole pod filled with a bunch of various items you can do it. Air cargo forwarders made it possible for anyone to ship packages across the world and support their needs and businesses. So, we will list down a few options that you should consider. It will save you time, money, and energy if you choose the one we listed below.

An oversea cargo shippment
Airfreight is more expensive than overseas delivery. Remember this when scheduling your shipment.

What is out there?

Like in any business, you will find a few options applicable to all budgets. As well as a few premium ones that are a bit more expensive. Naturally, you will use the one that suits you the most and it is falling within the limits of your budget. So, firstly we must mention the general cargo option as it is the most used one. With this one, you can ship any goods you like. People pack and ship electronics, medicine, artwork, vehicles, canned goods, etc. You can order online and set a date you like. Prices vary depending on the urgency of your delivery. If you have a time-sensitive shipment, you might want to check the other options.

On the other side, we have special cargo deliveries. Basically, it is the same as the first option but with one change. Your cargo is protected like it is the only one in the world and it will be shipped as a next flight out if you wish it so. Also, special cargo carries something more. In case you are shipping hazardous materials, food, livestock, or dangerous and highly valuable items, you should go with special air cargo. Of course, all come at a price. And you should know that air freight is a bit more expensive than shipping over the sea. So if you do not care to wait for a whole month for your shipment, then you should opt for an overseas carrier. As long as everything is delivered safely and cheaply, you should be fine.

Let’s break it down

Usually, people with time-sensitive shipments want to know how fast they can be delivered. So, we made a shortlist with highly sought-after options. Consider the following:

  • Same-day shipment
  • Next flight out
  • Next day shipment
  • Five business day shipment

The options we presented speak for themselves. Depending on the budget you have and the urgency of your shipment, you will choose the one that is most convenient.

If you use digital air cargo you can have your shipment delivered in a matter of days
You can have your shipment delivered in just a few days. How amazing is that?

International shipment

We are still in the process of grasping the teleportation technologies. And until we do, you will have to settle down with the 2-3 day delivery. Of course, this widely depends on where your shipment is headed to. But the fastest way is to use deferred service via the international flight and have your cargo delivered within 5 days. If you pay a bit extra and change it to express service, you can cut it down to 3 but that is the best it can be done at the moment. Still amazing when you compare it to the situation we had only a few years ago. People were waiting for deliveries for weeks. Now you can have it on your hands in a matter of days.

Now you know how digital air cargo works and how beneficial the whole process it can be. Surely, it is reducing the carbon footprint in logistics, creating millions of jobs worldwide, and it is accessible to anyone. Most importantly, it will cut the time and cost for the customer who will receive the best service in the shipping industry. Surely a future and a digital breakthrough of a new age. Give it a try and you will be amazed by the possibilities and opportunities you have.

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