Different Types Of Shipping Containers And Their Uses

If you need to learn types of shipping containers if want to use them for your business. There are a lot of them, but most people know two or three types. However, movers and packers in Bahrain use many more sorts of containers, choosing the best options for your purposes. Depending on the job you perform and the goods you need to transport, you should choose the most appealing option.

A ship with containers
You should learn the types of shipping containers before shipping

Basic types of shipping containers

People usually think that containers are different by size. It is true as you can find containers that cover sizes from one bedroom to the three-bedroom option. However, there are differences in shape, too. You can see that they are mostly adapted to the shipping of large pieces, but sometimes you will not need a large container. If you have liquid or objects that are too high, you will need a specially shaped container. There are a lot of great containers that fulfill all purposes and needs. We have usually seen basic, squared, large container, but those are not the only you can find. You can also have a container that has no doors, walls, or roof. Also, there are containers without the top half.

  • Size of the storage is very important – you can be sure that it is not important to choose large storage, but large enough for your purposes;
  • Usage is crucial for your storage – depending on the business that you perform you can choose storage that is the best for your purposes;
  • Along with the different types of shipping containers you can choose special services that come with the storage – usually those help in details when loading or pack;
  • For most people, the largest storage is the best but it could be expensive – the good news is that you can share the storage with other clients;
  • Shipping to Bahrain is expensive and complicated enough – so make sure that storage appeals to your needs.

General purposes containers

It is for sure that you will not have any trouble renting a general purposes container and use it for most of the needs you can have. However, for shipping cars overseas they are not good, for example. So, if you need storage that covers your needs, you should choose those that protect your stuff in the best way.

Flat rack

This storage is opened and without a roof, so gives the space for boxes and packages. Companies use them mostly for packing and crating and a lot of different packs in one place. On the other hand, you should have in mind that this storage will not protect items from rain.

Open top

Another container with an open-top looks not quite protective at first glance. However, companies use them for high items and large pieces of furniture. In situations when you need to pack large items those are the best options.

A port with lot of different types of containers
You should learn which type of shipping container is most appealing to you

Double door

As you may presume, these containers are mostly for large items and fast loading. Companies use them for situations when they do not have time for packing. Two doors allow packing at one side and unloading another side at the same time.

Open side container

Like in the previous case, an open side container is there to allow easy loading and safe packing. In that way, you can pack items fast and protect them from damage. Large sides allow an approach to the vehicles and machines, like lift pork. However, the size is the same as on the basic model.

Types of shipping containers if you keep food and liquid

You surely know that shipping of food and liquid is not easy. You need to use specially shaped containers for that. However, you cannot choose the first you see. Depending on the situation, the stage of your gods, and the conditions you need, you should choose the best. Also, you need to have the right shape and size for your purposes.

ISO shipping container

There are situations when you cannot control the weather conditions when shipping goods. In those cases, you should use storage that protects you from the outside conditions. These containers have insulation, so you can be free to put even food there. Do not forget that they cannot control the temperature inside, though.


Like in the previous case, you can use these containers that protect the items inside from temperatures. However, they have the additional option to control the temperature inside. It means that you can use them for shipping food and liquid, or any spoiling mass. Companies use it usually for international medical shipping.

Other conditions that define types of shipping containers

Like in any other job, you should ask for specially shaped containers if you need them for your business. In some cases, it could be a simple, but functional small storage only for valuable goods. On the other hand, you can choose storage that protects your stuff properly. No matter what you get, storages for special purposes are maybe expensive, but useful.

There are containers for extremely high pieces


You know that liquid cannot be shipped in ordinary containers. Firstly, you will need glasses or barrows for the liquid to put there. Also, you cannot protect the liquid from licking or something more dangerous. It is the reason why tankers exist. Companies use large ships that transport oil, or similar liquids. If you need to transport a small amount of liquid, you can use drums. Those are small bottles that look like drums.


You can use a container that has half of the size. It looks the same as a basic model, in the same length and width. However, the height is half of the basic size. It means that you can use it only for smaller goods. Companies use them because of their practical size and easy packing.

High cube

If you need a larger container you can use those that you can use for those purposes. A high cube is taller than one foot and you can use it for transporting large items. However, companies will use it only for special purposes. It is one of the types of shipping containers that are not practical for packing.

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