Common Mistakes when Renting Storage Space

Having storage is good, but you should learn how to avoid mistakes when renting a storage space. Some of them are very common among clients. It is always good to rent a short-term storage unit in Bahrain. Especially if you have large furniture and not much time for moving. Even in them, you should learn how to avoid mistakes.

What are the most common mistakes?

You can make many mistakes during your relocation period. Here are some:

  • People usually rent smaller storage than they need and put much more stuff than it is possible – so cannot protect them enough and have space for packing;
  • You can easily damage your stuff in storage, so it is crucial to protect them when packing;
  • One of the common mistakes when renting storage space is to forget to protect from humidity – it could make severe problems for owners and quickly can destroy everything you have in storage;
  • Price of storage is always a huge problem, but people also think that renting a cheaper variant is much better – however, sometimes it leads to poor service or lack of space;
  • Relocation companies in Bahrain know that entrance is significant – they must have ample space for trucks and other vehicles.

For most people having a storage space is enough for good business. However, it is not easy to predict how much space you will need. So, it is always better to compare prices. Also, measure your furniture and other stuff and predict how much space you will need in the next few months. When all of it you finish, you will know how to avoid common mistakes that people make in storage.

You should keep all in order if want to avoid mistakes when renting a storage

Choosing proper storage helps to avoid mistakes when renting a storage space

It is crucial to find a proper and ample enough storage for you. However, it is not easy to precisely make a prediction. Maybe you have a sound system and layout in the room. You can have trouble to make space for other items in it later, though. On the other hand, you must choose a good company for it. Like in any other case, you should estimate the quality of the storage itself, possible damages on walls, and rust on the door.

Rent a proper storage size

The reason why people choose smaller storage than they need is usually price. They want to save money on it. On the other hand, you should predict the usage of the room in the future. If you plan to put things there from time to time, you should rent more massive storage than currently need. Companies that organize cargo transport recommend leaving at least 20% empty for new stuff.


When looking to rent a storage space, the approach for the vehicles is first you should have in mind. Companies usually use storages with the pathway between them for the truck. Most of the warehouses have it, though. The problem is if you can organize the loading of the storage whenever you need it.

Choose storage with climate control

You also should choose storage with climate. It is essential, even if you do not have goods that could spoil inside. The primary reason for it is to avoid problems with humidity and rust. Before that, learn how to handling climate-controlled cargo containers.

Labeled boxes
Label boxes so you will always know where are your stuff

Avoid mistakes when renting a storage space and during usage

Many people worry about damaging and losing stuff when renting storage. However, it is not hard to organize storage, so avoid those mistakes. In most cases, you should clean and protect things often. Some warehouses have video surveillance or paid guard. They can provide you great support and safety. On the other hand, you should know how to organize a room, so use it successfully.

Pack with a plan

The best way to pack items for storage properly is to pack with a plan. If you use the room for sports equipment, pack them by season. The same way worth for wardrobe or furniture. Logically, label boxes and packages. In that way, you will be able to find whatever you need quickly.

Pack by usage

No matter why you have rented storage, you will use some of the stuff from time to time. So, pack boxes to have an approach to them quickly. Boxes with material that do not use often put in the corner.

Make a good layout

The reason why is packing in storage essential is to have an approach to every box and item inside. You should make a pathway between boxes and packages in the warehouse. It will make your job there faster and easier. You will avoid damaging the stuff, too.

Protection is crucial to avoid mistakes when renting a storage space

For most people, renting is unnecessary trouble and cost. However, it could save money in the end. The most important, though, is to protect items inside. On the other hand, protecting items inside is not just wrap them in plastic. In most cases, you should label them and make a good layout in storage.

You should use vehicles in the warehouse

Put heavy boxes on the bottom

It is easy to predict which of the boxes you will use again. However, when packing items that you do not need for a long time, wrap them to protect. You should put larger and heavier items on the bottom.

Protect from hazardous liquid

No matter how clean your storage is, you can damage boxes and packages inside. Most people forget about cleaning liquid and leave them close to boxes. It could damage items inside. Especially if you have a wardrobe or antiques, make sure that you have put them properly on distance.

Do not save on protection

It is never enough protection in storage. No matter which stuff you have put them. One of the mistakes when renting a storage space is to neglect possible stealing and damaging. Professionals have taught the role of CCTV cameras and video surveillance for those cases. Protection and safety should be on first.

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