Common Air Freight Complications and How to Prevent Them

Shipping your freight by air is the fastest way your goods travel from point A to point B. This is logistical convenience, especially if you own a business. We all know that time is money. And Air Freight is the most reliable option if you want to ensure on-time delivery. However, there are many complications that may arise in the process. Our movers in Bahrain have prepared this text to give you their best advice. In continuation, find out what are the most common Air Freight complications, and the best practices to prevent them.

Common Air Freight Complications

Air Freight shipping offers you great benefits. Namely, these are the speed of delivery and safety of your goods. You may arrange cargo services in Bahrain last minute, and still, receive your cargo on time. As for more, you can track your shipment anywhere in the world. Anyway, this process is more complex than you might think. There are many air freight complications that may occur. It takes experience to ensure everything goes well. Thus, we strongly advise you to always choose a good company for the best outcome. Based on our practical experiences, these are the most common air freight issues:

  • Rules and Regulations
  • Wrong packing and labeling
  • Hazardous or prohibited items
  • Expenses
  • Possible delays
Port at sunset
Common air freight complications are easy to prevent with a good logistics company

Knowing what to expect will help you prepare better. In addition, we will review the best practices that will help you prevent air freight complications.

Rules and Regulations – a common reason for air freight complications

Every shipment, be it personal belongings or commercial goods, is subject to many rules and regulations. These tend to be complex and time-consuming to handle. A lot of air freight obstacles can be prevented by ensuring compliance with the customs requirements. To do this, research offshore shipping companies in Bahrain and hire one with the best resources and experience. Like so, you will get logistics specialists by your site. They will not only organize your air freight, but they will also take care of complicated paperwork. If you work with professionals, they will make sure your goods meet all standards, so they go through customs smoothly. You will eliminate stress and save time. Many air freight complications stem from an inadequate understanding of complex regulations. Thus, provide the best for your air cargo and prevent any issues by entrusting it to professionals.

Wrong Packing and Labeling

When it comes to air freight shipping, there are certain standards applicable to the packing and labeling of your goods. In other words, there are laws and regulations on how a shipment should be packed, in order to be loaded into an aircraft. There are packaging dimensions strictly stipulated by air carriers. If your shipment doesn’t meet these criteria, another air freight complication arises. This is to say, your intended shipment will be detained for repackaging. This can take days, if not weeks. As a result, your cargo will be delayed. Your best bet is to consult professional packing services and avoid unnecessary delays. They will also make sure that your shipment is properly labeled, with the right handling symbols. This is important because it keeps your goods adequately protected from possible damages. So, make sure you prevent air freight complications and rely on professional assistance.

Air freight containers - common air freight complications
Pack and label your cargo as per standard, to prevent air freight complications

Shipment of Hazardous Items

Depends on the goods you plan to ship, they may be classified as hazardous. These items require specialized handling. If you are transporting hazardous items, the regulations are specific. Do your homework well ahead of time to ensure which items are classed as such. So as to prevent air freight issues. For instance, the list includes flammable liquids and batteries. Before you ship your hazardous materials cargo, you will need to fill in a form called Dangerous Goods Shipper’s Declaration. This is a statement that your shipments have been labeled, packed, and declared, according to the IATA rules. IATA stands for International Air Transport Association and it sets the global standards for airline safety. It’s mandatory to meet these requirements. So, make sure you prepare on time if you’re shipping dangerous goods. Or better yet, benefit from the experience of your trusted mover and prevent air freight complications.

Expenses – make a budget on time to prevent air freight issues

So far, it’s clear that security plays a vital role in air freight shipment. Everything that travels via air has to be carefully checked. There is no room for bending the rules here. Air Freight complications are easy to prevent if everything is done with diligence. So, do your part. Make a good plan for the transport of your cargo. This includes a financial budget, as well as a good logistics company, that will make the process smooth. You probably know that air freight is costly. Anyhow, it saves you a lot, money and time, in the long run. So, make sure that you calculate your expenses on time. Consider the size of your shipment and contact your service provider early on. Reputable companies are transparent with costs and they give you valuable guidance. To give yourself the time to organize means to prevent many air freight obstacles.

Danger sign
Air Freight must comply with IATA standards for safety

Unpredicted delays

Most circumstances that can cause air cargo issues are easy to predict and with the right assistance, easy to prevent as well. However, there are certain factors that are outside human’s ability to control or influence. This is the weather, for example. Or Covid-19. Although it’s the most expedited way to move your goods, air freight sometimes faces unpredicted delays. We all are aware of how Covid-19 affects everything on daily basis. This is just one example of what can cause your air freight to be late. Another one is the weather. Although the majority of bad weather conditions are easy to overcome, sometimes these are a challenge for air freight shipping. An aircraft has certain limitations and the national airports have strict rules. Although this is rather an exception, it’s good to know that it can happen.

In conclusion, a professional moving company gives you resources and experience to help you prevent any major obstacles. To ensure seamless air transport, hire the best you can. Follow our advice above, and prevent air freight complications.

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