The classification of contraband in Bahrain

It doesn’t matter if you are living in Bahrain, moving here, receiving something from the other side of the border or sending it across one, you just have to know the list of the contraband in Bahrain. Making sure that you know just what are the things that can’t be sent or received from a foreign country if you are living here will make it much easier to actually get the package at all. In Bahrain, the list of contraband is not too long so you won’t have a problem, memorizing it. All the items are reasonably on the list so make sure you know not to send neither one of them. They won’t make it to the receiver. Customs in Bahrain are strict and very professional so do not attempt to trick them. You won’t make it.

The classification of contraband in Bahrain

You will hardly ever get just the list of all the items baned in a country. These lists would simply be too long and you would have a lot of trouble making sure your item is not on there. That is why these lists are always divided into categories, so you can find your item by the category it is in. It makes it much easier for you to navigate these lists so make sure you read carefully if you attempt to send or carry anything you are not sure is one hundred percent allowed to cross the border. And the lists of prohibited items in Bahrain are not short.

Remember, laws are strict in Bahrain and you really shouldn’t try to smuggle anything. These items can be divided into the group of absolutely prohibited and the items that need to be declared when crossing the border.

contraband in Bahrain- ship and shipping container in the port
Make sure you know if your items are on the list of contraband in Bahrain

Prohibited items in Bahrain

You should never try to take these items into Bahrain. Some of the most important categories of prohibited items, when it comes to importing, are:

  • Drugs are one of the most important items on the contraband in Bahrain list
  • Electronic wireless aircrafts
  • Paan and its derivates
  • Cultured Pearls
  • Materials with inappropriate content
  • Used and reconditioned tires
  • Raw Ivory, Ivory articles and Rhinoceros Horn
  • Children’s Toy Guns capable of firing projectiles
  • Asbestos or Items containing Asbestos
  • Goods of Israeli origin or bearing Israeli trademarks or logos
  • Any other items, whose importation is prohibited under Kingdom of Bahrain Customs laws, or any other laws of the country

Trying to import any of these items will result in paying fines or being closed up and that is the main reason you should not try to do such a thing. The best way to import the items that are not on the list of contraband in Bahrain should be imported using sea cargo Bahrain. This way, your items will arrive in no time.

contraband in Bahrain- a gun
Toys that can shoot projectiles are also forbidden in Bahrain

Items you can’t export from Bahrain

There are also items that you should never try to take out of Bahrain. These items are illegal to export. Fines are high for this crime as well so you should never try to do it. Some of these items are:

  • All types of fuel and subsidized goods such as Diesel
  • All kinds of flour and such subsidized good
  • Fresh chicken bearing the trademark of “Delmon”
  • Red Meat and such subsidized goods

Avoiding these items when it comes to export is much easier than getting through the process that comes after being caught with them.

Not prohibited, but to be declared

If you decide to import something in Bahrain, and it’s not on the list of contraband, make sure you don’t have to declare it. Get the experts when it comes to import and export services and your import will be taken care of right away.

Items to be declared when being taken into the state, but are not on the list of contraband in Bahrain

These are the items that need to be declared and then sent off to the government facilities to be tested. Once they are, you might, or might not get the approval to send it off.

  • Weapons and ammunition are not to be carried across the border at all
  • Lethal weapons
  • Perishable foods
  • Birds and animals
  • Medication should always be transported in temperature-controlled shipping containers 
  • Books, audio and video materials
  • Bugging device, jammers, and detectors
  • Monetary cash
  • Plants (agricultural)

Do not try to smuggle these items without declaring them. Getting the permit is not unlikely so this is the best way to go with it. That is why you should always declare.

A device
All kinds of receivers, detectors and other devices that can be used for spying are forbidden

Items that you need a permit for

Other than these items, there are items that are not possible to import unless you produce a valid permit or approval document from the relevant regulatory authority. They are divided into two groups as well. If you do not have a permit for these items, authorities will go through them and give you a permit, or not, depending on the circumstances. If you decide to store some of these items, always make sure you check if they are on the list of non-storable items in Bahrain. This way you can be sure that you are not breaking the law.

Items you need a permit to import

Getting the permit for importing these items is not too hard, so you better do it by the book. Better safe than sorry. Some of these items are:

  • Live wild animals
  • Horses
  • Any animal meat or products made from meat or anima remainings, like fertilizers
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Fish and seafood
  • Insecticides and fungicides
  • Radioactive chemicals
  • Isotopes
  • Pharmaceuticals and medicines
  • Unadulterated Ethyl Alcohol, Iso-propanol

For example, pharmaceutical products must be imported directly from a manufacturer with a research department and that the products be licensed in at least two other GCC countries. One of these countries must be Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce gives you the permit, after the approval by the Ministry of Health. This is the only way to import pharmaceuticals legally to Bahrain.

Pharmaceuticals and medicines
Pharmaceuticals and medicines are on this list as well

Items you need a permit to export

Bahrain cares about the items and beings that are inside of it and it is not permitted to export some of them if you don’t have a permit for it. To avoid any type of negative situation, make sure you get the permit first and export it after it. This will make your export much easier. These items are:

  • Live horses
  • Palm tree seeds
  • Camels
  • Garbage and waist
  • Antiques

Exporting is much easier if you declare the goods. That is why you should never risk it.

Laws in Bahrain are straight forward when it comes to contraband. Always make sure your items are not on the list of the contraband in Bahrain before trying to import or export them. It will make the whole process much easier.

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