Choosing the right portable storage containers

Portable storage containers have become an important part of the moving industry and therefore an important part of both moving and safekeeping processes. You can use storage containers to load belongings during a home renovation, long-distance move or just safekeeping. They come in different sizes and are made from different materials. Choosing the right portable storage units will not be an easy job. It will depend on the purpose you intend to use the containers for. It will also depend on what the local storage companies will be able to offer you and under which price.

If you are in need of portable storage containers due to your overseas relocation, then we suggest making contact with the best freight forwarders Bahrain has to offer. Freight forwarders will offer multiple choices in terms of container sizes and types, based on the content of your cargo. There is no doubt that you’ll be able to find portable storage containers that fit your needs, regardless of the storage purpose.

Cargo ship in the dock
A smart choice of freight company can save you from a headache

How to choose the right portable storage container?

There are several things to take into consideration when choosing the right portable storage containers, and they all equally matter. If by any chance you require long-term storage in Bahrain, there is also a solution for that. Take a look at the list below and also the summarized explanations in the following paragraphs:

  • available sizes of storage containers
  • storage container materials
  • type of the move (local or long-distance)
  • budget

Portable storage container sizes

Not all companies will be able to provide you with multiple choices of portable storage units sizes. Before choosing a storage company, be sure to check their offer of available containers and their sizes. If you are renovating your kitchen or any other room in the house, one standard-sized container should suffice. But if you are moving your entire house, then based on the number of rooms and the size of your furniture, you will need to choose the containers that can fit all your belongings. Below are the three most used sizes:

8-foot containerdesigned more for storing specific items and not the whole room content

12-foot containerperfect for moving small one-bedroom or studio apartment; or when renovating a certain room in your home

16-foot containerideal for a two-bedroom apartment or a small house; also great for both short or long-term usage as it can fit on your driveway

It is very likely that whichever size you choose, you will need more than one portable storage container for your relocation. Making an inventory of your belongings should be the first step before you decide on the type of container you plan to rent.

Storage units material

Portable storage units come in different materials, from plastic and wood to aluminum and steel. Some are even a combination of two materials, such as aluminum and steel containers, which tend to have the best endurance. If you have sensitive possessions in your storage container that you cannot risk ruining, units having weather resistance materials will be the best choice. An 8-foot container made of steel/aluminum can take up to much more weight than the same size container made of wood or plastic. As you can see it is very important to determine the approximate weight of your cargo, and if any of the content needs to be protected in weather resisting container. Also, if any of the moving items require special climate or temperature during relocation, make sure that the company you are hiring portable containers can offer this service.

Plastic portable storage containers
Plastic is not a good choice when moving items of large weight

Moving locally or long-distance

Whether you are moving on the other side of the town or outside country borders, you will need portable storage units. But with long-distance relocation comes a very narrowed down offer. The majority of companies will not have containers viable for a long-distance move. Be careful and before you choose your storage containers provider, make sure you understand the services they are offering on both ends of the move. If you are moving into a new house, you can have your storage units delivered to your new home until you unload them, but if you are moving to an apartment, your arrangements will be quite different. Some companies will have a limit of three days per packing and unpacking, so if this does not suit you, ask for a company that is more flexible on this account.

Budget required for finding suitable storage units

Costs of renting a portable storage container will vary with each company. Be wise and get a minimum of three quotes from different storage companies. Compare the prices, see what extra services companies offer and if loading/unloading of your things is already included in the price or is charged additionally. Although the do-it-yourself system is way cheaper, you might need help at some point with heavy objects and furniture. Don’t go for the cheapest option, especially if you are looking to protect your things from weather conditions and any sort of damage.

Stacks of coins
Don’t be cheap if you want to protect your belongings

Choosing the right storage company and its services

Choosing the right company will take some time and browsing through internet reviews. The best way to protect yourself from any additional charges after your move is finished, find the storage company that will offer you to sign a contract. This contract should include the price and the services included in that price. A company with the greatest range of portable container sizes and materials should be your top choice. Price should be the next factor to consider. Some companies will rent you as many containers as you order, but charge only the ones actually used. Some will store your containers in their facilities free of charge if kept there less than 30 days. If you cannot meet the deadline for packing all your things in three days find a more flexible company.

Additional services

Some storage companies will offer some extra services, such as assistance in loading or unloading. You should consider this if you are in a hurry or have multiple very heavy objects. A very important “extra” service that you need to ask about is insurance. Ask if this will be included in the quoted price or will need to be purchased additionally. You definitely do not want to go through the trouble of transporting your valuables, just to find them damaged at the end with no refund option.

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