Can you negotiate with logistics companies?

Living in today’s world and working in it is not easy. There is so much competition on every step of the way that companies have to do everything they can to stand out and provide the best possible Bahrain logistics service. That means that being as pragmatic as possible is really important. Companies of all kinds try their hardest to beat the competition, especially the ones that provide you with different kinds of service. That means you definitely can and should negotiate with logistics companies.

This way, you will assure that you get just what you need. Luckily, this means that the company will do it’s best to make sure you are provided with just the service you asked for. There are many things you can negotiate with logistics companies, and it will definitely lead to a great experience on your behalf.

What are the things you can negotiate with logistics companies?

When it comes to getting a service from a logistics company in Bahrain, you need to find the right company for your service. The best thing to do is to find as many companies online as you can, and even see if you can get a recommendation from friends and family. Make sure you go through the reviews as well. Once you did it, you can get the shipping cost estimate. If all of the companies are offering the same service, you should go for the cheapest one. Once you did, you can negotiate all kinds of things. Some of them are:

  • If you are using the service frequently, you might be able to get the price down?
  • Has your business expanded recently?
  • Have any of your shipments got lost?
  • Can you be more flexible regarding the shipping dates?
  • See what suits your company the best- one large package or a few smaller ones
  • Can you try the consolidated shipping?
  • Pick the zone rate depending on the address you are shipping to
  • What are your shipping, since the load description can affect the way you negotiate with logistics companies??
  • Are you using one or more special services?
  • How quickly do you pay your bills once you receive them?
negotiate with logistic companies- package
If you are using the shipping service often, you might be able to get a discount

If you do it the right way, you can get a better service and get the price down as well. It really is a great thing to at least try to negotiate, since the price difference can be quite big.

How frequently are you using the service?

In case you are using the shipping service frequently, you can negotiate with logistics companies to set a lower price for you. having regular customers is great in any business, and in, for example, Bahrain shipping company, you might be able to get a better deal. It is worth to try.

If your business expanded, see if you can get a discount

In case you business is growing and you think that the growth is steady, you should see is you can get some kind of discount. If you are sure that the business growth is not a one-time thing and that you will be selling and shipping more continuously, you should try and get a discount.

Does the shipping company make mistakes?

In case your shipping company lost or damaged some of your packages more times than the average is, you should complain. This may lead to some kind of offer in your favor.

What about the shipping dates?

Trying to accommodate to your companies schedule, you might be able to pay less. If the shipping company has to send a truck near you for someone else and not just you, they have fewer expenses and you might be able to have fewer expenses as well. See what their schedule is like and try to adapt.

See what kind of packages suit the company more

It really is a nice thing to do. If you don’t mind how you send it out, ask your company if they would prefer it if you ship one big package or a few smaller ones. It might affect the price as well.

negotiate with logistic companies- packages
Ship your packages the way that suits your company better

Consolidated shipping can be a great solution

In case you are shipping your package from one point to another and the company has someone else that has the same point A and point B, you should agree and ship your packages together. Consolidated shipping is used all over the world. It is a great practice and makes it much easier.

Pick a zone rate

You can get a zone rate and have better prices. If you are shipping locally, it costs less than to ship long-distance, and that costs less than shipping internationally. That is why you can pick a shipping zone.

What is in the package?

If you are shipping items that can’t get damaged, you should ask for a lower price. The company just might give you one since there is no way they will damage the package and have to repay you. So, they might be comfortable with giving you a discount. If you are shipping fine art of fragile items, you will hardly be able to get a discount. The risk is just too big.

You can use more than one service and get a bundle deal

A great way to save some money is to use all the services one company has to offer, instead of going to the different companies for different services. If you don’t just ship your package suing one company, but also use thair packing and crating service, you might be able to get the bundle deal and save. It is a great practice to use packing services for fragile items as well.

negotiate with logistics companies- a man packing a box
If you use more than one service from one company, you might get a bundle deal

Are you paying the bills on time?

If you are paying your bills as soon as they arrive, you can ask if you can get a discount on that behalf. Business appreciates the paid bills more than you know.

If you really work on it and see your shipping company representative, trying to get the shipping prices down is just something that you can do. So try and you might just be lucky enough once you try to negotiate with logistics companies.

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