Buying a Home In Bahrain Remotely: What To Consider

Buying a home in Bahrain remotely could be a challenging, but also very interesting adventure. It is different from purchasing a home in your country, though. As a foreigner, you cannot buy a house in the same way as citizens. However, Bahrain has great legislation that allows you to buy a home even you are not born in this country. The only you need now is to find professional movers in Bahrain and rely on them for your transition.

If you are thinking about buying a home in Bahrain remotely, you will realize that there are a lot of great houses there.

Buying a home in Bahrain is specific because you are a foreign

No matter how great legislation in Bahrain is, you still need to prepare for buying a home if you are not their citizen. They have great benefits for foreign people, so you should not worry about it. However, you need to prepare for this step and inform properly.

  • Not have a visual confirmation is maybe the hardest part of buying a home in Bahrain – it is hard to choose a house when cannot see it, right?
  • Price is surely specific for foreigners and you should prepare for slightly higher prices – however, the houses in this country are very nice and luxurious so you can get great homes for these prices;
  • If you want to move to Bahrain you should choose international movers Bahrain since they know the legislation and could inform you about all details.

It is allowed to buy a house

The first that ex-pat will ask when want to buy a house in Bahrain is if they allow for foreign people to own it. The good news is that you can own a house even if you are not born here. The only problem that you will have now is to organize relocation. Door to door cargo Bahrain will transport all you need for your new home.

Start to imagine the design

It is hard to imagine your new house before seeing it, but it is allowed to imagine it. You can make a plan in your head how the home should look like and how you can design it. There are great ways to decorate it. If you need to transport your old stuff you can organize cargo transport and bring your favorite furniture to a new home.

A kitchen
Imagine the design of the house before see it

Buying a home in Bahrain presumes special documents

You will not be able to buy a home even in your country without proper documents. It is for sure that you will need to inform yourself about documentation on time. However, they have made this process as easy as it is possible, so you should not worry about it. The best is to find a good real estate agency to help you.


All taxes in Bahrain are 10% on Bahrain properties and those are only taxes that you will pay since Bahrain is a tax-free country. You should also include registration fees that are between 1.5% and 3%. Those percents add to the price of the house.

You will get residency

As in any other country, buying a home in Bahrain remotely could help you to get residency in this country. It will take 5 years and you will be able to extend it every 5 years. The best part is that it will include your family and children, too.


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