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    Four Winds Bahrain is a self-sustaining franchise of Four Winds Saudi Arabia. Same as our parent company, we are an international moving and logistics company that offers a wide range of cargo transport services to/from Bahrain. Our goal remains the same as that of our parent company – we wish to foster the best customer services in our region with the help of global talent that offers top-quality services in our industry!

    Our company prides itself on following current industry trends to ensure that the services we provide are top-rate. We use only the most modern equipment and resources to ensure the absolute safety and protection of your cargo during transportation. With our Cold Chain services and knowledge in customs clearance and import/export, we can guarantee that your cargo will reach its’ final destination with any complications.

    As a proud member of many international organizations and associations – we can stand firm behind our company and its reputation. It is our hope that the Four Winds name will grow beyond the Middle East and echo throughout Asia in the years to come, all building towards the recognition of a global moving and logistics brand